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    Fall World of Warcraft Clothing Line

    Just when you thought that your quest to be the best-dressed hero in Azeroth had failed, J!NX has come to save the day with the new fall line of World of Warcraft clothes and accessories. Wallets, beanies, and a bevy of new T-shirt designs anxiously await your perusal. You can let the new Legendary Class designs reveal a stronger, more powerful you. You could also be the first in your guild to earn the title of Classically Trained Raider or to proudly announce your allegiance to the Knights of the Ebon Blade. If you equip your new Three Worgen Moon shirt today, you may find even the most dangerous monsters in the land laying down at your feet and singing of your praise while serving you the finest ale. Be prepared, brave adventurers, for the world of clothing will never be the same...

    [Source:Original] [Autor:admin] [2009-10-26] 

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